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Surrogacy Agreements

Prior to the embryo transfer, every surrogate and intended parent needs to work with their own attorney to draft and […]

Egg Donation Agreements

Egg donation is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology in which a woman provides her eggs to intended parents for […]

Preplanned Adoptions Agreements

Preplanned adoption agreements provide unmarried couples and individuals with the opportunity to create their own family. This legal mechanism allows […]

Surrogate & Donor Representation

Florida law requires a legal contract between the surrogate and the intended parents. This is essential so all intents, commitments, […]

Sperm Donation Agreements

Florida Statutes provide that the donor of any sperm, other than the commissioning couple or a father who has executed […]

Embryo Donation Agreements

Approximately 10% of couples will not use their cryopreserved embryos. Unused embryos from IVF processes will remain frozen in storage, […]

Cryopreservation Agreements

Cryopreservation is a method of freezing eggs, sperm, or embryos for future use. Although couples and individuals may sign consent […]

Second Parent Adoption Agreements

The second parent adoption or co-parent adoption is a process by which a spouse can adopt her or his partner’s […]

ART Litigation

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Law is a quickly evolving field of law with unchartered legal terrain. Disputes can arise between […]

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